Worry :
Why has worry become our all time companion and robbing away all the joy, peace, happiness, creativity away? At some point it just takes life away from life.

If we look at life objectively, we only worry about our future and there are two kinds of things in future that we worry about .
1. Things that are not on our control .
   hmmmm Why worry about things that are not in our control ? Think about it.
Since it is not in our control, why worry …We cannot do anything about it anyways. So just let it be. See what can we do now to be better prepared. If there is nothing we can do now, then just remove this file from your mind and put it in “File Closed” box. Next time when the thought tries to pop up in your head and tries to steal away your mental energy, just shove it away. You really cannot do anything about it. Its all about being very alert and mindfully about what is going on in our mind and keep a strong control.
Let your mind know, “Who’s the boss !! ”

2, Things that are in our control .
    Why are we worried about things that are in our control ??? Really , why are we worried?
 There is nothing much to say, just think about it for a moment …..it is on our control, so lets just relax, take a deep breath and thank God. We can handle it, because it is in our control. Worrying about it will just rob us away of our creative energy and physical energy. So its time to tighten your seat belts and take a strong grip on your mind and just get the job done.

How about past …..
Past is gone , we cannot touch it or see it anymore. There is no “undo” button or “go back “button. So, lets just not relive past again and again by bringing it in our thoughts. We can only control what we can do now. It is such a waste of our mental space and physical energy in re-living past, specially when we are not happy about it. Thinking about past over and over again and getting upset about it now is like saying,” i didn’t like the taste of that food” and i am choosing to eat it again and again “.

Most precious resource we have in our hand is present moment. We cannot save it , we cannot put it in a bank , we cannot reuse it. We cannot even borrow it later.

We just have to fully live it and not let it slip from our hand.

Let past remain in past, let future remain in future, lets just live now. God whispers in the present moment, His fragrance is only in the present moment.