When you feel,”I cannot do anything else, I have tried my best, I did everything I can , but nothing seems to work”, this is what I know works all the time.

Here is a simple law, it’s a universal law and it works all the time . “Give, what you want to get and give with pure heart and you will get it multiple times”.  It is not a rule because rules can be broken.

When I was very young, I heard about this family, when ever they were tight with money, they would open up free kitchen,” langar “. They would open there house to feed people . I heard him saying, “Give, give and give, more you give, more will come back to you, feed people with open heart and God will take care of your food.”

Whatever you need, go share that with others and you will get it multiple folds automatically in due time.

If you are in need of money, find ways to give some money to whoever you feel is more needy than you, even if it is a dollar or two.Your financial situation will be taken care of.

If you need time, look around and see who can you help with your time. Give them some of your time. You will get time you need and much more

If you feel lonely and feel depressed, look around , you will find someone who is lonely , help them feel better, give them company. Help them overcome loneliness, you will not only get over your loneliness but will even forget that you ever felt lonely once.

If you feel you lack love in your life, look around , find someone who needs love, you will find someone in your family for sure and give them a hug or a listening ears. When you sit for your meditation, spend 5 minutes to send some energy of love to someone you feel needs it . Instantly you will feel loved.

If you feel your kids are troubling , go help another kid get on a right path.

If your relationships have issues, go help someone else mend their relationships.

If you are struggling in your career, look around , you will find someone who needs guidance in their career. Help that person , give them your guidance.

If you feel lost, help someone else find way .

If you feel you need help in your life, find someone else who you can help .

If you feel your business is on stand still, look around and see who can you help in their business. May be help someone with your contacts or your expertise . You will see unexpected help , growth in your business .

Whatever we give with intention of serving , will come back to us multiple folds.

You reap, whatever you sow.
You reap much more than you sow.
Sowing is in our control, reaping time is not.
You may sow seeds in one place and reap harvest in another place.

Just give it a try, you will be amazed with results … so have fun and enjoy a life of abundance.
Don’t worry of small turbulence, they will come and go. Day ends with night and night always ends with day. Nothing is permanent . Now is the only time that matters so enjoy this moment…

Came across this video today, it explains it so beautifully …..