Thought of the day….

At every moment we have a choice. We can either chose to operate from the inner space of fear or love. 

This fear can appear in various forms e.g.  fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, fear of loosing, fear of being abandoned, fear of other people’s opinion, fear of making mistakes, fear of making a wrong choice etc. .. they may be very daunting fear, or operate in the back of our mind in a very subtle way in our day to day small choices.

When our choices are based on fear, it strips away the authenticity and inner peace. It can never lead to fulfillment .

When our choice is based on love, self worth, from inner space of knowing Who is standing by us all the time, it leads to peace.

Strength is in knowing Who is in control,  even when we lose control.
Strength is in knowing Who is standing by you,  even when you may feel you are alone.
Strength is in knowing Who created you, even when you feel not worthy.

Step into life from the space of courage and strength regardless of fear.

Know that any thought that is based on Fear is not true. … don’t let it imprison your spirit.

Fear imprisons us while pretending to be our protector.
It is moment to moment choice, overcoming it once does not mean it will not show up again. It will show up again in different form shape or size as long as we are enrolled in this school called life.
When we feel stuck and need answers,  don’t go looking, searching for some guru, teacher or master,
look for answers, seek answers, ask for answers and right teacher for that moment will appear