Reverence for life
Read first few chapters of Gary Zukav book ” The seat of the Soul ” again. How could I miss this , I read this book and re read chapters , but this time it seems new and it just resonated with me like never before. This book is a masterpiece.
This is in brief what I learned and would want to make it my daily practice .
Everything that we do and everything that we think , if it is infused with love , compassion and reverence for life, the universe will give back  us the same multiple times. All our actions and thoughts should come out of spirit of love, kindness and unconditional love. At this point our work becomes meditation , our thoughts becomes meditation. There will be peace and love around us and people who come in our contact will feel it .
This does not mean that life will be very easy like a fairy tale. There will be moment of pain … we will come across events and situations that may be painful, but pain will be much less and there will be inner peace in the midst of turmoil. It is like eye of a storm , right in the center of a massive storm or tornado there is a place which is absolutely quite, peaceful. That is the state of joy, like someone says a sweet spot.
How do we reach that state? We all have experienced that at some point in our life . Maybe just for few moments but we know what it is like. How nice it would be if we live in that sweet spot all the time and if that becomes a part of who we are. Well that is our goal , to be in the state of peace .
It is moment to moment work on our self and it is never ending , but it is worth it . Peace is worth it . We have to take our lessons , we would rather take it peacefully and finish it sooner then face our lessons with bitterness and stress and judgement and prolong our lessons and create more tests for our self.
Many time we are doing everything that we are supposed to do but we feel something is missing. There is no peace …  even when we do good work … we feel empty at times. It  is not what we do , it is not our actions, it is our intention behind our actions that will determine the effect. We feel we are performing our duties well , but if it is infused with  love, Kindness , reverence for life… It will fill us with same , with love, with peace , with joy.
We create our Karam  not by our actions, but by our intention behind our action.
We can develop reverence for life  when we look at people or any living thing, we do not look at the body but that invisible inside that body. That invisible which is pure . It like in the movie Avatar, every plant had a light in it , it was so evident ,it was infused in every living  thing . That is a reality , just that we cannot see with our eyes . Just like UV light or microwave light is there but we cannot see it. What we can see is just a small spectrum of the light. There is that purity in every living being , in the core every person has the essence of God but what we see is just the outward appearance . If we could only remember to look past the memories of our experience with people and look inside that pure space every time we interact ….. life will become so beautiful.
 I heard a  Marianne Williamson  says in her prayer, ” God please enter where you already abide.” 
Here is my simple prayer 
God please enter where you already abide
Let all my actions , my thoughts be infused with your love . Fill my heart with unconditional love which is your essence . Fill my cup with your love , let each and every cell of my body be infused with your love and there be no hatred, no judgement  just like you don’t judge anyone and you don’t hate any one . Shine through me, through every cell of my body. Let me get merged with you to the point that there is no more me … only you , only you , only you ….
It fills my heart .