Would love to celebrate Christmas with my Christian friends, Eid with my Muslim friends and Hanukkah with my Jewish friends and Janamashtmi with my Hindu friends as if i am part of their family. Would pick unity,brotherhood, peace and love over segregation any day.
Is that not what all religion teaches … then why do people say this festivals is not for Sikhs or this is a festivals of Hindu only.

Felt very disheartened when i saw people condemning other Sikh for enjoying Holi or when people would stop others from embracing celebrations from other cultures in the name of ” this is not a part of our religion !! ”
Well, what part of sharing, caring and loving is not part of your religion or any religion ?

As a mom , if i don’t feel insecure when my son gives hug to his friend’s mom then why do we feel insecure if a fellow Sikh plays Holi …or if Sikh visits Church. Will that makes us less of a a Sikh ?

I don’t think Guru Nanak Dev ji will get offended when he
will see me hugging my Muslim friends on Eid and sharing semiya (sweet
pudding )with them.
 Love is not like an Apple pie that has limited slices and if we give more to one, someone else will have to get less. Love is like air, it is everywhere , there is enough of it for everyone. No matter how much we share with one , we will still have enough to share with others.

Why do we talk so much about what is wrong with others, instead of focusing on what is right with others ?  In fact why do we even say others. There is no other, we all are one, we all are humans before anything else. God did not send us in this world with labels, he had just sent us a Human Beings.

Just like there are different teams of a game and each team has a coach , some rules and uniform ,so are all religions like a team with a coach and they have their own set of rules within the team and have a uniform that gives them identity . But when we play the game , rules are same for all and that is love others and respect others.

If we do or say anything that is not based out of love or causes separations and segregation and creates a feeling of we are better then them, then that is not being religious , that is going far away from basic principles of any religion , from the truth . Truth is “Love is above all” .

All prophets and saints and guru came in this world to spread the message of peace, unity and oneness.
They came to tell people to follow principles, they gave the message of
Divine Love, One God, Unity , love above everything else, all creations
are child of one God, among other things and many people who felt good
listening to them forgot the message and just started calling themselves
their followers. Instead of following principles, started following people and just got stuck in the rituals.

When we get so blinded by following the rules and forget the main underlying message , two things happens, 1. We start judging everyone else and labeling them based on how well they follow rules. 2. Our ego gets inflated and there is a sense of superiority even though we may be speaking of humility.
Number one teaching of all spiritual teachers is Unconditional Love, Non Judgmental and Gratitude.

Why do people fight, criticize and condemn in the name of religion……? Who are they trying to please ?

I would  pick love over a ritual that promotes segregation any day.
Warmheartedness , compassion , tolerance be our motto before anything else.