Few lessons for my son

These are few lessons that I learned . Would like to pass it on to my son  as he is growing up….
This is a journey that will continue…… growth and learning is an ongoing process… it never stops.
First : God loves you a lot and He will always love you no matter what. You don’t have to do anything or not do anything for Him to love you. We have to love him from our heart for us to feel His love.
Then why do we do good things or right thing ?
because if we do the right thing , make the right choice or think the right thing that is aligned with love, reverence for life … than that is for us , for our growth, for our peace . We do that for our self not to please God. God is pleased always , he loves always , he is not someone who gets angry , upset or unhappy.
God is love, we are made in His image, so our core is love too. Our core got hidden in the veil of ego and that gave rise to judgement, resentment, anger, hatred and so on. If we are made in His image than we carry His essence in our core. Instead We made God in our image and started  to believe that God will judge us, punish us or get angry with us just like we get angry, upset, need validation and punish. The truth is God is love, God is absence of hatred, God is absence of fear. 
Second : We are not punished by God ever… never ever . What we experience is the result of  our actions and our choices. Please don’t blame Him for your present or past circumstances.
               What we feel as punishment is actually one of the three things
              1. Balancing of our energies we had put out with our actions, choices, our thoughts.
               2. Not really a punishment but a gift wrapped up for us to uncover.

3.Is a bitter medicine to heal our wounds . So it will make us feel better once we     take it without any judgement and look for the lessons in it..

So either way, it is for our good. The outcome depends on our attitude while we are going through it. Best attitude is surrender to His will and act out of non-resistance and non-judgement.

Third: Don’t try to run away from Pain. When you feel  pain, that is not the time to run away or hide or try to get rid of the pain. That is the time to feel it without using your mind. I love what Iyanla Vanzent says, ” Pain means, Pay Attention Inward Now”. So tell your mind to stop thinking and be an observer of pain. Don’t get scared of pain getting escalated. After every peak there is a valley. When it reaches it highest strength , it has to come down. Go through it with non resistance and non judgement. That is the only way of getting rid of that pain for ever. If we push it inside and bury it, it will come to surface one day . More we try to avoid it, bigger it gets, sooner we go through it, sooner it will dissolve. We cannot avoid Pain, we can avoid our judgement toward it . Freedom is on the other side of the pain. Got to learn to get past it . Its like a steam, only way we can get rid of it , if we let it out . Trying to close it or stop it or get distracted will only increase the pressure.

Fourth :
Always listen to your intuition. Always follow your heart . Do only what feels right in your heart. When I was very young , I read one quotation ” Listen within, there is a friend inside” I loved this and I would contemplate on it for hours . That friend inside will guide you time to time with subtle messages. They are very subtle so pay attention and follow them. Don’t ignore them. You will be surprised where it will take you in life.
Fifth :
Highest form of freedom is freedom from judgement of our self and  others .

Most of our miseries arises from judging ourselves an others or situations and categorizing it into bad or worse. We become our own worst critic , instead of judging ourselves , we need to learn to love ourselves unconditionally and give us some room to make mistakes.
We can either judge others or situations and keep fighting trying to make it what it is not or  we accept them for who they are and move on .
You have to experience it in your day to day life to know how powerful this statement is . It will free you when you feel stressed out .

This is all about experience, mere knowledge is not enough
Always act , speak  from the space of internal peace. State of clarity .
We are not perfect , we are on a journey to be with One who is , His reflection in us is the closest we can be to perfection….
Our journey is not going from point A to point B . Our Journey is unfolding layers around us and going deep inside. So it is not a journey since we don’t have to go anywhere, we just have to reveal our self to our self and experience infinite in finite.
Love ,