Pastor Joel Osteen.

Read his first book ” Your best life now ” 7yrs back. Me and my husband Satyajeet are both his fans, we have been inspired and motivated to by him. Even though we follow different faith, his teachings resonates with us so much , it has helped us have stronger faith, be more spiritual and has guided us in living our best life.

Some people live, some make a difference. He is one who has made big difference in the lives of many all around the world.

He is very simple yet very bold in his faith,
he has great following , yet he has no sign of arrogance,since he sets an example of a great follower.
Very consistent with his teaching, very clear of his purpose, his humble spirit, unwavering faith, love for people is what makes him connect with people at a deeper level.

A simple message that can have extraordinary impact when applied.