I wonder what is that we are trying to avoid  ……..uncertainty or certainty ?
I wonder what are we running away from…….. life or feelings ?
I wonder what are we trying to numb …….. emotions or Self ?
I wonder who are we trying to become …….. other or an image of other ?
I wonder what do we really want ……. to be happy or to be something/someone ?
I wonder what are we seeking …….. connections or disconnection ?
I wonder what makes us happy ………… love or things ?

Insanity : Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.
Insanity : Trying to fix a broken mirror and wondering why your own image is distorted.
Insanity : Trying to change things that we cannot change, avoiding things that we can change and convinced that we know the difference between the two.

Sanity is..
When we become friends with uncertainty and stop trying to change certainty
When we acknowledge our feeling instead of running away from them
When we give space to our emotions without judgment and process it instead of numbing our self from it
When we stop trying to be someone or something and just be who we are and feel worthy in our own flesh
When we take small moments of our life to do things that makes us happy and not just running like crazy trying to finish our to do list
When we seek connections and honor vulnerability instead of avoiding vulnerability that harbors disconnection
When we understand what makes us happy is not the things, gadgets , places, vacations , titles….. These things may give us fleeting sense of gratification. What makes us really happy  or joyful are moments spent attuned with love
When we are with people, we are with them not in our todo list, past regrets or future worries and planning…
When we are doing something, we are doing it with full presence without resistance .

Lets get our sanity back ……