” Enthusiasm, Optimism & Contentment springs from faith in the goodness of the self and Life.”

It is very simple yet very deep. Just contemplating on it brings a greater awareness.

So next time we need a dose of enthusiasm and optimism , and we all do from time to time, we need to check our Faith-O- Meter and look for goodness in self and in life. We get so consumed with challenges in life and if we are not centered enough, our self talk can create lots of doubts and criticism not only toward life but also toward our self . That is when we lose confidence and lose faith that there still is goodness in our self and in life.

As long as our creator still loves us , there has to be some goodness in us .  If we cannot find anything , just that stamp ” made by ” on us is enough. That tag is precious .  And all things with the same tag , or we can say same “brand name ” has same goodness associated with it. It’s just a small shift in mindset .

Just thinking about it creates good feelings inside .

So if you know someone who needs enthusiasm , you just have to show goodness to them and build their faith . It is not the faith in future or faith in your supporters, or faith in their capabilities, it’s faith in the fact that there still is goodness in them and in life . And that is the faith in the creator, who still is in charge and is in process of creating His art .

It’s when we are in awe of all that is, we create that electrifying energy within that is termed as Optimism and Enthusiasm.

Add serenity to it and we get contentment.