When we are approached by any danger our first response is a fight or flee. From the time of stone age to even today, these two responses are almost like a reflex action. We don’t even have to think about it.
When we are confronted with anything that we don’t like or agree with , the most immediate response is either flee ( in the form or ignore, push it under the rug, just avoid, resist ) or fight.
If we pay attention , we can catch our self, do it in something very simple as finishing an important task we don’t like or complex issues in relationships , take care of our health or inner feelings of discomfort, old pain, PTSD etc. Nothing changes, neither the situation or us or how we feel with these responses.

Instead something as small as walnut becomes as big as a mountain.

The third option , which is not something that comes naturally to us, is to face whatever is in front of us, head on.

This is the options of facing the fear,

 accepting the situation as it is 

and meeting the challenge.

This is the path of constructive action, where we put down that piece of cake or bag of potato chips and face what we are trying to avoid…..This is the path where we pick up that file and finish what has been hanging on our shoulders for way too long…This is the path where we have that difficult conversation…This is the path where we put on those shoes and step out for a run…..This is the path where we get comfortable with being uncomfortable….

This is the path where we say enough of running away
or fighting,
both are way too tiring and gets us nowhere,
let’s just face it.

This is where we enter a new unknown territory. It is the way out of an infinite loop that leads to the exit door. This is where all growth happens. This is the path that leads us to change.

When we face any situation or people,
with only
love and faith as our armor, 
completely ignoring fear and doubt,
we reach the other side 
where mountain turns into a size of a walnut.

It is a very obvious option when we teach a child to swim or ride a bicycle without training wheels for the first time. We tell a child to just let go of the fear and try. We forget to apply it to us when we grow up. It is just that simple, let go and just jump. Once we jump, we realize it wasn’t so bad after all.

The question is,
Are we even aware to stop and make conscious choice
or we are making unconscious choices all day long,
fighting and fleeing
and wondering why are we so depleted of energy?