Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass or waiting for the sunshine. We cannot create sunshine neither can we avoid storms.
So what do we do, when we are in the midst of a storm and see no ray of sunshine ….. ?
A storm could be anything : a health challenge, It could be tough financial situation , family issues, relationship breakups, business downtime, may be all of them at the same time or just a mental chaos of many small situations happening at the one time.
At times, our willpower is strong enough to keep our ship sailing. Harder the storm, stronger the will power,or faith. Our will power/ faith can help us sail through many tough times.

At times we get help from outside sources. It could be a close friend who offers a listening ear, a compassionate family member or a friend, maybe a book or an inspirational audio or video we come across on social media or  guidance from a mentor or spiritual leader who we look up to. Whatever the source may be , it can serve as an anchor that prevents our ship from sinking . Its a support at right time . We all need it from time to time.We learn to take one day at a time when we go through challenges like loss in business during down time or a seeing loved one in pain, or you suffered huge financial loss, or you experience crack in  relationships. It may be hard to comprehend our future or reconcile our past right away, so we learn to live one day at a time holding on to our anchors, keeping our will power and our faith strong and figuring it out along the way.

Then there are some storms that I wish no one ever gets to experience. They can test your will power or faith beyond anything you can ever imagine. They will put your faith to test , I mean ultimate test. No amount of support or will power seems enough to save your ship from sinking . This is when nothing seems to work  and you see no way out whatsoever.
What do we do during these storms …………… ?
Time like this unimaginable storms, taking one day at a time may seem very long, even few hours may seem very hard. You feel like you have been choked…. gasping for air…..anxiety is at its peak, balance is almost lost. No amount of support seems strong enough… …
What do we do …. ?
At times like this, its all about living one breath at a time, not one day or one hour . Yes, its just One Breath At A Time . You take one deep breath and then next …. Ok …. you survived this …. now next breath. You live just one breath at a time.
Each breath gives you little bit of peace and you did not choke . Just few breaths of peace is good enough to give you little strength, little hope . Its like few rays of sunshine peeking through thick dark clouds…scary clouds.
This is enough for you to stay afloat a little bit longer.  Just one breath at a time will take you in the “eye of the storm”, a resting place. Just few peaceful moments will probable remove clouds from our mind and give us little clarity to even begin to think straight . We can then find our flow in the storm.
“ In God I live , breath and have my being “
Storm will pass in its own time, Sun will shine in due time. Neither storms are permanent nor is sunshine.
Change is the only thing we can be sure of . Impermanence is the way of life.

That one breath which is neither touched by the past nor by the future , pure uncontaminated breath has the power to take us through ….and help us find our way.

Each storm makes us little bit stronger and more prepared for next voyage.