Very often I would have these questions in my mind like , what am I doing here…? What is it that I am here to do ? Am I really doing anything worthwhile? I hope I am not wasting my life…
 I have also met many people who are always striving to do something big,  They feeling inadequate  unless they win a medal or achieve no.1 position or reach a status or accomplish something big.  There sense of self is attached to accomplishments.
They never seem to be happy.
 This is what I understood..
We all have a purpose in this world, big or small, does not matter . In the bigger scheme of God, in terms of the universe, we all have an important part , a role to play that completes the divine purpose. We may think or feel that our role is very small , so small that it even may seem insignificant to us . But in Divine order, everyone has their own role that no one else can replace and for the divine order to be in balance every role is crucial.

I saw a movie Hugo and it explains so beautifully what I always felt in my heart.
If you look at any machine , it has a purpose. A car has a purpose to drive, a watch has a purpose to show time etc.There are so many parts in a machine that completes it. A smallest part in a machine is equally important than any other part to make it functional.There is no extra part or useless part in any machine. If a small part of a machine is missed or  is not working then  entire machine does not perform its function well or may not work at all.
We all are parts of a big machine, a very big machine like a big watch made by God that has a divine purpose. Some of us are small part, some of us are a big part of that machine, all are here to perform an important function for this big machine to function in an order. Some gets light shining on them, others work inside quietly. There  is no one that is here by mistake or that has no purpose. We all have a role to play that completes the universe and each and every part is important. So how can we say that this part is insignificant just because it does not get ecolades or shines brighter like a diamond in a watch.

The important part is that we love what we are doing and do it with passion, with a sense of purpose in it. Let our every act be infused with  an intent of serving . Have a serving heart. Whether we are raising our kids, filing papers, writing a book , cooking a meal , making new invention ,taking care of sick or smiling and giving someone hope. So there is no big or small, no one is insignificant, neither there is any one good or bad. We all are here to play an important role that God/Universe has assigned us for proper functioning of this universe.
The important thing is that we do what we are here to do and do it well and not try to do what someone else is doing and try to be someone else. That can mess up everything .Can you image if every part of a watch says that they just want to be the diamond on the dial and not anything else? There will be no watch than ..
We are happy when we are aligned with our purpose. Joy and happiness is in the process of fulfilling our purpose, in being in the moment and at every moment. Happiness is not something we achieve when we reach our goal, or when our work gets recognition at a bigger level, happiness is in living every moment fully, purposefully.  Every moment is significant, every moment is to be lived and lived fully .
When we are not aligned with our purpose , when we are not doing what we where meant to do, then we lose a sense of peace and inner joy, it is like a broken machine. If there are many of us who lose their inner joy then collective energy is out of balance and we see anxiety, hatred, anger, frustration. If we are not present enough, then we react to anger, hatred, frustration that causes us to move further away from our inner peace, inner guidance and hence further away from our purpose.

So live every moment and believe you are significant , you matter , whatever you do … are making a difference.