Salome Mulugeta

(Filmmaker, Actor, Writer, Journalist)

I’m truly honoured to write this testimonial for Aman. I have known Aman for more than 15 years, and I can honestly tell you that she is a beautiful person inside and out!!! She is kind, giving, caring and very generous. 

I can remember when I first met her, I asked her to connect me with someone that she knew who had a celebrity status to help me out with something I needed, however when I asked her, I didn’t think Aman was going to do it, but to my surprise she did…without any hesitation!!!! She did not have to do that, but she did it simply because she knew it would help me out with what I wanted to do!!

She is Someone you can totally be yourself with, someone who has empathy, compassion, someone who is ethical in the moral sense- truthful, fair, and honest. Someone who will be a partner with you, someone who is  a team player. Someone who will fight the good fight with you and support you no matter what. She never judges, you can share anything with her, she will never judge you except help you and give you the support you deserve. I promise you-partnering with her will elevate you to the next level and calm any worry you may have about life. She has such a claiming spirit that is so incredibly infectious that you will never be able to get enough but laugh all the way to the stars. Everything I’m sharing with you here is true…Aman is a true gem!!!!!!

Tammy Ramsay

(Host of GET LEVELED Podcast)

Amandeep has been my lifestyle coach for the past 4 years and has elevated my life in monumental ways! Not only is she an excellent and compassionate listener, she is a wealth of wisdom and after every conversation, I’m left with a deep lesson or new perspective. With my best interest at heart, she tells me the truth and challenges me to grow beyond my comfort zone. Amandeep has helped me get out of my own way and make brave choices that have led to a more fulfilling personal and professional life.  Combined with her savvy business sense, I love that Amandeep takes a holistic approach and integrates the mind, body and soul in all that she does. Because of her guidance, I am now able to choose healthy tools to cope with life rather than self-sabotaging. I call her my human elevator because she always elevates my life!


( Specialist Dieticians)

Aman taught me so much and she still does. Here are my 3 top takeaways:

  1. My WHY was clear when I first started my business but I lost track because I’m so creative and interested in so many things! Aman helped me to get back on track and remember WHY I do what I do. 
  2. Aman encouraged me to practice gratitude on a daily basis. A practice I still do today. I carry my gratitude journal with me in my handbag. 
  3. Service to the world: be mindful of the energy you serve.

Every time I serve a client or anyone for that matter I think about my energy state. Am I serving from abundance or lack, I ask myself. Thanks to Aman, I catch myself and intentionally think about the energy of which I serve in the world. Abundance only. 

Thank you Aman♥️

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