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Born and raised in Delhi, India, Amandeep began meditating at a young age. She was drawn to mindfulness and self-awareness through watching her parents practice on a daily basis. After earning her college degree in Business, Amandeep moved to Dublin, Ireland and later settled in the US. It was 10 days of Vipassana Meditation retreat in Northern California in 2001 that gave her a path to go deeper in her own journey of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. The teachings of various thought leaders and meditation practice helped her unlearn old limiting belief systems and learn life skills.

In my life I have had many ups and downs, lots of joyful moments and many challenging moments. I’ve met some wonderful people, teachers, mentors and guides. All of these moments have helped me unlearn and learn many life-enhancing skills that have made me who I am today.


To help people unleash their full potential and create a joyful life

I am passionate about internal growth and have always followed my inner curiosity that has guided me on this wonderful journey called life. My purpose is to share the skills and life lessons that I have learned with others to help them heal and discover their full potential. Empowering others to create a life filled with joy, purpose and growth inspires me to deepen my own personal growth. 

Living a joyful life doesn’t mean the end of all problems and situations. The life outside is not always going to be what we feel is right. Outside situations, people and many times our own internal dialogue triggers all kinds of emotions. We let these emotions run our life by either expressing them or suppressing them. When we learn the skill of recognizing the triggers, and processing our emotions instead of reacting out of them, we can truly be free and find the moments of joy and peace. Learning these skills enhances the quality of our life and relationships.

Using the skills of Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Meditation, Self Awareness and more than a decade of experience in running successful businesses, I have helped other entrepreneurs, senior executives, artists, authors, parents, filmmakers and friends overcome life challenges and achieve their goals. 

Each one of us has an inner guiding light that often gets dimmed by past regrets, future worries, fear, self-doubt, limiting beliefs and mind conditioning. All it takes to illuminate is for someone to hold your hand and direct you towards it and remove the layers of dust that is blocking that light. 

Let’s embark on this journey

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