What is your journey ?

0 ” What is a journey ? A journey is not a trip. Its not a vacation . Its a process. A discovery. Its a process of self discovery.A journey brings us face to face with ourselves.A journey shows us not only the world, but how we fit in it.Does the person create the journeyor does the journey creates the person?The journey is life itself.Where will life take you ? ” … Louis Vuitton I feel, A person creates a journey and then journey creates a person .In the end it’s who you become in the process and not where[…]

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I believe…..

0 I believe,     life is beautiful and life is to enjoy. I believe ,    life is not easy, it can be challenging at times but it is worth it. I believe,   all challenges are lessons for us to learn or opportunities for growth I believe,    in balance. Equanimity is a very big virtue or like a special power that can assist us on our journey        called life. I believe,   If we don’t know what love is then we don’t know who God is. I believe,   we should forgive others and our[…]

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Worry , how to get out of it …

0 Worry : Why has worry become our all time companion and robbing away all the joy, peace, happiness, creativity away? At some point it just takes life away from life. If we look at life objectively, we only worry about our future and there are two kinds of things in future that we worry about . 1. Things that are not on our control .    hmmmm Why worry about things that are not in our control ? Think about it. Since it is not in our control, why worry …We cannot do anything about it anyways. So just[…]

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Get out of the feeling of being stuck.

0 When you feel,”I cannot do anything else, I have tried my best, I did everything I can , but nothing seems to work”, this is what I know works all the time. Here is a simple law, it’s a universal law and it works all the time . “Give, what you want to get and give with pure heart and you will get it multiple times”.  It is not a rule because rules can be broken. When I was very young, I heard about this family, when ever they were tight with money, they would open up free kitchen,”[…]

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I have a dream..

0 I have a dream….. My dream is about this beautiful world,  a world where everyone lives like one happy family. Where there is no discrimination based on caste, color, race, sex or nationality, Where people love each other. Where people care of each other and basic intention behind any job is to serve others. Where people are thriving and flourishing with love. Where we nurture and respect our planet, all natural resources and not abuse it  Where there is trust and faith  I have a dream…..  a dream of this beautiful world Where no one feels lonely, even though[…]

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Joel Osteen – Say ‘NO’ To Your Feelings

0 Pastor Joel Osteen. Read his first book ” Your best life now ” 7yrs back. Me and my husband Satyajeet are both his fans, we have been inspired and motivated to by him. Even though we follow different faith, his teachings resonates with us so much , it has helped us have stronger faith, be more spiritual and has guided us in living our best life. Some people live, some make a difference. He is one who has made big difference in the lives of many all around the world. He is very simple yet very bold in his[…]

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Love is not like an Apple-pie

0 Would love to celebrate Christmas with my Christian friends, Eid with my Muslim friends and Hanukkah with my Jewish friends and Janamashtmi with my Hindu friends as if i am part of their family. Would pick unity,brotherhood, peace and love over segregation any day. Is that not what all religion teaches … then why do people say this festivals is not for Sikhs or this is a festivals of Hindu only. Felt very disheartened when i saw people condemning other Sikh for enjoying Holi or when people would stop others from embracing celebrations from other cultures in the name[…]

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A View from the Oceanside Pier - April 9, 2013

If you want to shine don’t try to be, just be

0 Inspired by a beautiful photograph i saw on twitter yesterday by Rich Cruse.  He has a gift of capturing nature at its best and has a eye for beauty which can be easily missed if we are not present enough. A View from the Oceanside Pier – April 8, 2013 by Rich Cruse   ” If you want to shine , don’t try to be , just be  and let your strengths shine “ Stillness … a peaceful, quite resting place  or all the action, fun , drama, music, dance , the waves, the winds, the tides… So which is is more beautiful…  Stillness is beautiful only[…]

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Yes, you matter

0 Very often I would have these questions in my mind like , what am I doing here…? What is it that I am here to do ? Am I really doing anything worthwhile? I hope I am not wasting my life…  I have also met many people who are always striving to do something big,  They feeling inadequate  unless they win a medal or achieve no.1 position or reach a status or accomplish something big.  There sense of self is attached to accomplishments. They never seem to be happy.  This is what I understood.. We all have a purpose[…]

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Letter to my son

0 Few lessons for my son These are few lessons that I learned . Would like to pass it on to my son  as he is growing up…. Simar, This is a journey that will continue…… growth and learning is an ongoing process… it never stops. First : God loves you a lot and He will always love you no matter what. You don’t have to do anything or not do anything for Him to love you. We have to love him from our heart for us to feel His love. Then why do we do good things or right thing[…]

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