Dreams do come true

On my dream board I had posted ” Spend a day with Oprah ”  among many other things. Some laughed at it and some said ” if that makes you happy but don’t raise your hopes so high”

Oprah went on her own spiritual journey in the process of meeting so many thought leaders and it felt like she took me along with her on her journey.  She had introduced me to thought leaders like Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukov, Deepak Chopra, Iyanla Vanzant, Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown , Dr Shefali Tsabari and many many more who helped me in many ways in my own journey that totally changed the trajectory of my life .

Watching Super Soul Sunday , Master Class, Life Class, I learned a lot , cried a lot , laughed a lot , became open minded and got onto a journey of following my curiosity that led me to so many places and so many people that I had never even imagined .

One day I got a call that I was invited for a private Lunch with Oprah along with few other people . It was a special moment that I can never forget. This was at ‘O You 2012’ . Dreams do come true.  Meeting her and talking to her on one on one basis was special.

Not only I got to meet Oprah that day but also got connected to group of  folks who were as crazy as me. These were known as Own Ambassadors .  It felt like home and they took me in their group and now they are like my extended family. Oprah called us ” Carriers of Light ” and next thing we know she started following us all on twitter. We all got connected to her not because we are her fans and she is a ‘celebrity’ , its more like she is one of our soul sister/ mother / friend.


At Life You Want Tour, San Jose 2014


Own Ambassadors at Lunch with Oprah at  “O You 2012”