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Welcome to the world of my thoughts.

This blog was started initially just to pen down my  thoughts to share with my son when he grows up . Now this is for anyone who might relate to it or gets any inspiration from it.  In no way I am proclaiming that I know all the answers or that my views are ultimate final. These are just my understanding as of now. With time and experience my views may evolve and I hope they do because staying too attached to one view is a sign of not willing to grow  and growth is what I am most passionate about .

Love all things spiritual at the same time love dancing , music, reading , hiking , having meaningful conversations and being in the company of like minded people.

I am an entrepreneur, writer, a seeker, passionate about internal growth.  One of the founding member of  Own Ambassador ( OWN Network, Unofficial/ Grassroot ) followed by Oprah Winfrey and OWN TV Network on Twitter. 

In the end , I am just an ordinary person, willing to connect with other ordinary people to laugh a little, cry a little, share a moment, lend a listening ear and together spread joy , laughter and  create bonds.

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Would love to hear your thoughts.