What you resist, persist

What ever you try to run away from, will keep running towards you … We think we can outrun by running fast or shove it away by distracting ourselves with addictions. But the fact is, more we try to run away, closer we get towards whatever we are running from. Running away only gets us more exhausted . As Eckhart Tolle says “Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.” Faster you try to run away from a dog, faster dog runs towards you . More we get scared of bullies , more we get bullied. More we[…]

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What is your journey ?

” What is a journey ? A journey is not a trip. Its not a vacation . Its a process. A discovery. Its a process of self discovery.A journey brings us face to face with ourselves.A journey shows us not only the world, but how we fit in it.Does the person create the journeyor does the journey creates the person?The journey is life itself.Where will life take you ? ” … Louis Vuitton I feel, A person creates a journey and then journey creates a person .In the end it’s who you become in the process and not where you[…]

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