Joel Osteen – Say ‘NO’ To Your Feelings

Pastor Joel Osteen. Read his first book ” Your best life now ” 7yrs back. Me and my husband Satyajeet are both his fans, we have been inspired and motivated to by him. Even though we follow different faith, his teachings resonates with us so much , it has helped us have stronger faith, be more spiritual and has guided us in living our best life. Some people live, some make a difference. He is one who has made big difference in the lives of many all around the world. He is very simple yet very bold in his faith,[…]

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Love is not like an Apple-pie

Would love to celebrate Christmas with my Christian friends, Eid with my Muslim friends and Hanukkah with my Jewish friends and Janamashtmi with my Hindu friends as if i am part of their family. Would pick unity,brotherhood, peace and love over segregation any day. Is that not what all religion teaches … then why do people say this festivals is not for Sikhs or this is a festivals of Hindu only. Felt very disheartened when i saw people condemning other Sikh for enjoying Holi or when people would stop others from embracing celebrations from other cultures in the name of[…]

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A View from the Oceanside Pier - April 9, 2013

If you want to shine don’t try to be, just be

Inspired by a beautiful photograph i saw on twitter yesterday by Rich Cruse.  He has a gift of capturing nature at its best and has a eye for beauty which can be easily missed if we are not present enough. A View from the Oceanside Pier – April 8, 2013 by Rich Cruse   ” If you want to shine , don’t try to be , just be  and let your strengths shine “ Stillness … a peaceful, quite resting place  or all the action, fun , drama, music, dance , the waves, the winds, the tides… So which is is more beautiful…  Stillness is beautiful only when[…]

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