How to handle change

0 Change is inevitable, change is a part of our lives, in fact, the only thing we can be sure of is that life will change . Day changes into night, seasons changes, we are changing constantly and I hope and pray that we do. Our body is a great example of constant change. The body that we had at age 10 is not the same we had at age 20 or 30 and we certainly won’t look the same at age 60. Just like our body, our mind, our thought process , our views, our opinion , our belief system is[…]

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My conversation with Director, Writer, Producer, Actor Salome Mulugeta

0 Amandeep Chowdhary ____________________________________________________________________________________________ WOVEN Everything is connected______________________________________________________ Almost a year ago, I did a story about the journey of the making of the movie Woven on my blog. Since then the movie has had its World Premiere at the LA Film Festival last week and it did not disappoint. Woven is a tale of loss, love and forgiveness that takes place in New York. The story is very interesting and fascinating from start to finish. It brings the beautiful Ethiopian culture and traditions to American cinema in a way that has not been done before while balancing and interweaving the Caucasian American culture into the[…]

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Fight or Flee ……

0     When we are approached by any danger our first response is a fight or flee. From the time of stone age to even today, these two responses are almost like a reflex action. We don’t even have to think about it. When we are confronted with anything that we don’t like or agree with , the most immediate response is either flee ( in the form or ignore, push it under the rug, just avoid, resist ) or fight. If we pay attention , we can catch our self, do it in something very simple as finishing[…]

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Lets get our sanity back….

0   I wonder what is that we are trying to avoid  ……..uncertainty or certainty ? I wonder what are we running away from…….. life or feelings ? I wonder what are we trying to numb …….. emotions or Self ? I wonder who are we trying to become …….. other or an image of other ? I wonder what do we really want ……. to be happy or to be something/someone ? I wonder what are we seeking …….. connections or disconnection ? I wonder what makes us happy ………… love or things ? Insanity : Doing the same things[…]

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That daunting Fear

0 Thought of the day…. At every moment we have a choice. We can either chose to operate from the inner space of fear or love.  This fear can appear in various forms e.g.  fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, fear of loosing, fear of being abandoned, fear of other people’s opinion, fear of making mistakes, fear of making a wrong choice etc. .. they may be very daunting fear, or operate in the back of our mind in a very subtle way in our day to day small choices. When our choices are based on fear, it strips away the authenticity[…]

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Woven Movie

0 Woven  ….. A Dream…. A Journey Everyone has dreams, big or small, but some people live on the path of their dreams. They know exactly what they want to do and are extremely passionate about it. Salome Mulugeta is one such person.  She is a beautiful, vibrant, warm-hearted person with a smile on her face and confidence in her stride. It’s just a coincidence how we met each other on the escalator at The Grove’s parking lot in L.A. 12 years ago. It was her sparkling top that got us into conversation. One thing led to another, and for[…]

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Let us feast on the now !!

0   Sit… Listen …. Let us feast on the now Right here, right now beauty all around us the mist on the leaves soft touch of the wind on my checks warmth of the sun rays falling on the gazing flowers. Let us feast on the now, we get it for free, it costs nothing we get it again no matter how much we had messed up last time, we all get the same, no matter what our status is, no matter how many followers we have . Let us feast on the now It is nourishing and refreshing[…]

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Eye of the storm

0 Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass or waiting for the sunshine. We cannot create sunshine neither can we avoid storms. So what do we do, when we are in the midst of a storm and see no ray of sunshine ….. ? A storm could be anything : a health challenge, It could be tough financial situation , family issues, relationship breakups, business downtime, may be all of them at the same time or just a mental chaos of many small situations happening at the one time. At times, our willpower is strong enough to[…]

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How to get your enthusiasm back …..

0 ” Enthusiasm, Optimism & Contentment springs from faith in the goodness of the self and Life.” It is very simple yet very deep. Just contemplating on it brings a greater awareness. So next time we need a dose of enthusiasm and optimism , and we all do from time to time, we need to check our Faith-O- Meter and look for goodness in self and in life. We get so consumed with challenges in life and if we are not centered enough, our self talk can create lots of doubts and criticism not only toward life but also toward[…]

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What you resist, persist

0 What ever you try to run away from, will keep running towards you … We think we can outrun by running fast or shove it away by distracting ourselves with addictions. But the fact is, more we try to run away, closer we get towards whatever we are running from. Running away only gets us more exhausted . As Eckhart Tolle says “Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.” Faster you try to run away from a dog, faster dog runs towards you . More we get scared of bullies , more we get bullied. More[…]

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